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Hans and Babette

A very special wedding took place at The Aleit Group in October 2011, Hans Roosenschoon (Operational Director of The Aleit Group) married the love of his life Babette le Roux (professional Cellist for the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra). The ceremony took place at the Huguenot Monument in Franschhoek with the reception following at The Conservatory. The couple shares some of their memories of this special time in their lives.

How they met:

“We met as first year music students at the Conserve (Music Department) at the University of Stellenbosch. It was actually Hans’ second time around as a first year music student – let’s just say he was slightly distracted having digressed to a B.Comm degree and then opted for a gap year in London after that…before returning to SA and enrolling in B.Mus at Stellenbosch once again. Co-incidentally, his father was also the Director of the Music Department at that point, something that I was totally unaware of… so much so that I even asked him why everyone was referring to him as Hans Jnr. Woooops!”

How he proposed:

“He proposed at our Green Point apartment on 18 September 2009. We were meant to head off for a romantic weekend in Namaqualand – specifically to see the flowers – but my orchestra schedule changed at the last minute and our plans had to change. When I arrived home after a late night rehearsal, exhausted, slightly down trodden (and a tad overworked!), I was amazed to find every nook and cranny of our apartment filled with candlelight. Hans was at the doorway welcoming me with champagne…in my state I honestly did not “smell a rat”. I had just arrived back from Mauritius after a month long tour with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra he had been doing all sorts of really romantic things (obviously missed me!). At that point, this just seemed to be another one of those amazing things. And then he got down on one knee. Oh my goodness, it was the BIGGEST surprise of my life….and I am not easily surprised let me tell you! I easily figure things out before they happen – but not this time.”

The best moment:

“WE LOVED IT! Everything ran SO smoothly and beautifully, and the weather was GOD SENT (considering that the Saturday before and the one after were both miserable!). All our friends and family went to such lengths to look amazing and they really bought into our celebration – WE LOVE THEM FOR THAT. The food was amazing, the flowers were incredible, the venue a perfect choice, the music outstanding and best of all – the atmosphere!  It was electric! WOW! Best wedding I have ever attended! (*not biased*)”

The best moment:

“The best moment was my arrival at the ceremony. It was just so special. The music that Hans chose worked out so perfectly considering it was all of 8 minutes. But none of that matters; when you step onto the aisle time literally stands still and all those months of plotting, pondering, debating and planning does not matter anymore. It’s just the two of you!”

What they had to say about us:

“It is such a blessing to have a Dream Team working with and for you on such a special day! I was literally left to get into my dress and arrive on the day. In fact, those were my exact responsibilities. What more could one ask? I was a VIP guest at my own wedding. It was so lovely to have the opportunity to enjoy the process and have a fabulous, stress free time on the day, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing to worry about.”


“Wait for it…we went yachting between the Greek and Turkish islands. I can’t believe I just said that. Still so surreal! It is an area of Europe that we are both unfamiliar with so it was an exciting experience all round. We started in Istanbul and ended in Athens! The yacht would cruise during the evenings and dock at an island during the day so that we could explore the area with scooters or quad-bikes. Beaching, dining, drinking loads of champagne and simply relaxing for a full week…yeah!”

The couple’s advice to future Brides and Grooms:

“Stop overanalysing each and every moment you think you need to create. Consider the end result and work backwards. In fact, make “chill out” your wedding mantra. Your wedding planners know what they are doing.“

Service Providers For the Day

The Aleit Group was responsible for the coordination of the day. Elsje Designs and A-Design created the beautiful wedding stationery, while Floral Affairs took care of the wedding flowers. Zara-Zoo Photography captured all the special moments with the videography by FJS Productions. There were a number of other providers without whom the day wouldn’t have been possible these include, Top Table, Presentation Staging, In and Out Events, MK Exotic Cars and Lifestyle Centre, La Residence, Elephant and Barrel, DJ Charita van den Berg, Shake and Serve Bar, Stir Food, Alicia Buckle Hair and Make-up, Classy Candle Hire, Exclusive Hire, Tablecloth Hiring Company, Frank Christie, Reuben’s Restaurant, Touareg Tents, Status Luxury Vehicles, Abigail Bets House of Couture, Nelle Cakes and Kanya Hunt.

Contact The Aleit Group

To book The Aleit Group for your wedding telephone Aleit and his team on +27 (0)21 887-4448. Alternatively to send and enquiry or for further details visit The Aleit Group.

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