What’s Your Wedding Dress Style?

posted on 11 July 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Finding a sense of style is an important first step to finding your wedding dress. Knowing your style will give you an idea of what type of dress to find.

Here are a few trendy and current styles to influence you:


This latest trend is adopted more and more by brides for whom A-line, ballerina or mermaid dresses are just NOT an option. You probably won’t find your dress in latest bridal magazines. Vintage dresses, if you can find them, offer wonderful fabric and design that you might not find in shops today purely because they would cost too much. Start by surfing the internet to get ideas, keeping your body type in mind, and then head out to vintage shops and markets, or trawl your grandmother’s shelves, where you will surely find something you can upcycle.


This is style with a hint of hidden fun and groovy(ness). Retro borrows heavily from the ’50s and ’60s (but the ’40s get a look-in too) with tea length skirts, halter necks, belts, little gloves and three quarter sleeves – think Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Grace, Jackie Kennedy. Throw in a tattoo, really red lipstick and wavy hair and you should more than manage to pull it off.


This has ‘little girls playing dress up’ feel to it and incorporates all the Cinderella about to get married style you can muster, from the dress – full, floor length skirt, tight bodice – to the tiara, hair in an upswing or bun and horse-drawn carriage. There are a myriad dress styles to choose from here too, and easier to find than either of the former styles.

Oriental or Indian

There are some incredible Indian style dresses (just do a google image search under ‘Indian designers’ to see what is currently on the ramp) that are derivatives of the sari, some of them beautifully elegant. Oriental allows you to play with mandarin collars, detailed patterns, satin fabric, gloves and fan.


For those who are nontraditional and more intent on creating something authentic with loads of personality. Offbeat implies you’re not ordinary (not that you’re weird or anything) but you’re also not out to make a point. Your style is about honouring commitment and expressing your identity through the way you dress and the way you design your wedding, so there are a lot of personal touches. Bottom line: you’re non-traditional, but you still want the traditional wedding.

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