How To Treat Your Suppliers – Some Basic Tips

posted on 26 November 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Meeting with vendors

Number one: treat them as demi-gods.

You think I’m kidding, right? I’m not. The bottom line is that they probably know a LOT more than you about what they do. Giving them the respect they (probably, but not always) deserve, will almost guarantee you a better service.

Maybe ‘demi-gods’ is too strong a term. What I’m suggesting is that if you hire someone whose work you are happy with, get out of their way and let them do their thing.

Because if you micro-manage them with your ideas and views, chances are you’re not only going to mess with their creativity, but you’re going to get their backs up and spoil your wedding.

They do of course need some direction. But this can all be agreed and ironed out with the minimum of fuss way before the event. Then you leave them to do what they do best. There is nothing worse than over zealous, if well-intentioned, brides or grooms.

ps: feed your suppliers – photographers, videographers, DJs, wedding organisers need their own chairs and table, even if they choose to eat as they work.

Number two: share your schedule

Why would you want to send the timeline for your wedding day to the pastry chef baking your cake? Letting everyone in on what you are doing when might just avoid a calamity. For instance, the cake is due for delivery at 10am, the wedding is at 5.30pm. On it are real flowers. Your savvy chef sends you a vital last minute sms – ‘please make sure the cake is refrigerated, or the flowers won’t make it to your 5pm wedding’ – see?

Number three: send your ceremony outline to those who will gain by seeing it

Your photographer is going to need to know at which bits he might get a really good reaction from your guests, or when in the scheme of things the kiss is so that he can be ready for it. It gives him time to plan his shots, which means you get the best work he can do.

Number four: give them a good testimonial

If their service is good, take the time post-wedding to go on to their wedding blogs and comment. It’s a small way of saying ‘thank you’.

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