Handmade Wedding Rings, or Rings Off the Shelf?

posted on 3 April 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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It’s time to choose his and her wedding bands. But should you hit the malls and get one from a jewellery shop, or have them made bespoke? Whilst this debate is not always applicable when selecting engagement rings because you’ve inherited yours or similar, when it comes to wedding bands it can pose quite a dilemma.

Just how do you make the decision: get a designer to make the exact rings you have in mind, or enter a jewellery store and hope that something you like is on the shelf – bearing in mind that you’ll be wearing them for (dare I say it?) the rest of your lives?

We’ve made it a little easier for you.

Why you should go bespoke:

  • You or your partner have a very good idea of what it is you would both like and can draw specifications; so if one of you is an artist or designer
  • You already have pictures of your desired rings
  • Your budget is not too tight (bespoke, on the whole, is probably going to cost you more than jewellery bought in a store)
  • You absolutely abhor the idea of trawling a mall for a set of rings and want the exclusiveness of a designed pair of bands
  • The idea of complementary his and her bands really turns you on
  • You want something utterly unique and personal
  • You like the idea of following the design process and being involved
  • You already have a designer in mind

Why you should hit the shops:

  • You’ve left it ’till the last minute – in which case, jewellery stores are a god-send
  • You simply want an ordinary band – keeping it simple is often the way to go as a plain band neither goes out of vogue or costs terribly much
  • The idea of shopping around for a designer, comparing quotes and selecting the best one makes the hair on your head stand up
  • You have no idea what you want, but you hope your partner will know the minute they see it
  • If knowing the cost of a ring even before you try it on sets your mind at ease and prevents heart palpitations

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  1. 3 Jun 2013
    James says

    Hello i would like to know the type of engagement ring you have available with thier price,my wedding is taking place in south africa Cape Town.