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Unexpected, unusual gifts that aren’t on the wedding registry

Tired of giving your just-got-married friends dishes, pots and pans or towels for their weddings? With a little bit of thought and love, there are a number of other gifts you could give them that are either fun and will give them a laugh, are really handy, or just plain sentimental.

Whichever they are, they at least allow you to steer clear of the dreaded wedding registry list with its rather mundane wedding gift ideas that the bride, possibly at the end of her tether, had to select because the registry shop didn’t have much else on offer.

A Le Creuset casserole dish – okay, you are right, this is a dish. But it isn’t any dish, and your bridal couple will not have added this one to the registry list because it costs a fair bit. But if a few of you chip in together, I promise that this one will top the favourite list!

A handpainted platter – this is a great idea if you have a little time and talent (you don’t even need much artistic talent, just an idea). Head down to the closest paint-your-own pottery studio (there is sure to be one near you) and after a couple of weekend mornings, you’ll have a totally unique and surprising gift for the couple.

A breadmaker – include the ingredients for the first loaf, and your just-married friends will be able to bake themselves bread on their first morning at home. I’ve yet to meet someone who has acquired one of these who doesn’t rave about the smell of just baked bread as you rise.

A hammock – locally made hammocks, like Hangaboutz in the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal, make a great wedding gift, don’t cost too much and will deliver. They’re absolutely great if your wedding couple have, or are planning to have, a pergola or covered stoep (I’ve tried the sitting hammock and they’re wonderful).

A midnight feast hamper – any grass picnic hamper will do; fill it with a bunch of wonderful late night feast foods – like champagne, nuts, chocolate, nougat, potato chips, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate digestive biscuits, dried fruit, a box of condoms and other delectables – anything that will last a while.

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