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An Alternative to the Photo Booth

An Alternative to the Photo Booth ~ Photo booths at weddings are all the rage these days and it’s not hard to figure out why when you consider how much fun they are. Unfortunately when it comes to the conventional rent-a-booth photo booths you are limited to a tiny bit of space that doesn’t allow for bigger groups.

If you find the idea of a tiny box to be less-than-ideal when it comes to your needs, you may want to consider setting up a photo area more suited to your taste.

Choose an area where the reception is being held and decorate it in a way that gives it a bit of a “studio” feel. It won’t be long before the guests find themselves posing and having fun in front of their cameras.

Here are some things to consider as an alternative to the Photo Booth:


In a rented photo booth you are conveniently provided with a button that allows your guests to take their own photos, but if you are choosing to rather set up a photo “area” then you might want to consider having someone there to take the pics.

If you leave the job up to a professional photographer you will not doubt be delighted with the results, but if that option is too costly there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to ask a capable friend to take on the task. Otherwise you might just leave it up to the guests to use their own cameras. You can provide an email address and ask your guests to please send you their photographs afterwards.


Make sure that you have adequate lighting for the area where the photographing will take place. The last thing you want is a bunch of cheap-looking shadowy photographs to add to your wedding album.


Just about anything can be used as a back drop for your photo area. A pretty sheet or table cloth in your wedding colours will do nicely. If you use something with a pattern on it try to choose something that is bold rather than “busy”.


No photo booth is complete without props. Again there are so many different things you can use as props for your photos. While choosing your props keep in mind that the more props you have, the more fun your guests will have playing with them and the more beautiful photographs will be made for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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