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How to Plan and Stream your Zoom Wedding

Zoom Wedding ~ 2020 has forced the whole world to live, plan, work and even celebrate differently. It’s thrown some major curveballs and, for couples that had to cancel or postpone their dream day, some major disappointments. But, thanks to technology like Zoom, engaged couples have the option of sharing their gorgeous day with the people they love most, even if it is from a distance.

Some tips for planning and having the ultimate streamed Zoom wedding:

1. The Technical Stuff

Zoom is a fantastic platform because it’s user-friendly and accessible. In addition, you can have between 100 and 1000 devices connected to your event (100 applies to a free package, 1000 is only on the paying plans). This means inviting guests from all over the world. It’s a good idea to get the Pro account, otherwise there’s a meeting time limit of 40 minutes.

For smaller audiences, FaceTime and Skype also work. FaceTime only allows 32 participants and Skype allows 50 participants on a free meeting. Facebook Live is also a good option. Remember to record your event so that you can keep it and share it in the future.

To film and broadcast the wedding, you might get by with a friend with a good phone and a steady hand. For something a little more formal, set up an iPad or tablet and a laptop in different locations in your venue to capture various angles of your event. Remember to put Bluetooth speakers nearby so that your guests can hear the proceedings.

For an even more professional touch, set up three cameras and use a webcam like the Blackmagic ATEM Switcher, which toggles between different views – one close-up, one wide-angle, and one “picture in picture” option so viewers can see both of your faces at once (great for the vows).

2. Invitations to your Zoom Wedding

Send personalised invitations via email two to three months in advance of your Zoom Wedding and urge people to put the date in their calendar. Send a reminder email one month and again one week in advance.

It’s a good idea to ask guests to dress up for a festive screen. You could pick a colour for them to wear (on top, at least), a theme (like bling or hippy), or a beautiful hat, for example.

Send the invitation link the night before your big day. Leave the admission of the guests to someone that will ensure that your guests get admitted from the waiting room.

3. Venue

This is the perfect opportunity to use a pretty corner of your house or garden. Add some flowers, lighting, draping or balloons for an extra-gorgeous venue for your Zoom Wedding. This may be the ideal time to splash out on some new curtains or furnishings as a gift to yourselves.

Alternatively, you could book a stunning room at a dreamy guest house. This way, it can double as your honeymoon venue too.

4. Speeches

Your bridal party and any friends that want to give a speech can still do so, just from their own location. They could even record their speeches ahead of time and have them played on Zoom, if this helps with their nerves.

Brief them about sitting in a well-lit spot and speaking clearly so that all the guests can hear them clearly. You may also want to ask your Zoom host to mute the other guests during the speech, but unmute them for the toasts.

5. Zoom Wedding First Dance

For your first dance, encourage your friends and family to turn their cameras on and join you for your first dance. Just mute them so that they are all dancing to your song, without getting interference from other participants’ surrounding noises.

6. Gift Registry

This has been a rough year on many. Some of your guests may not be able to afford something extravagant at the moment. So, consider that when choosing gifts for your registry.

Some online stores (like Amazon and Takelot) offer vouchers, which are great as they allow flexibility. You could also ask for something more personal; like each family’s submitting their favourite recipe.

While a Zoom (or streamed) wedding may not have been high on your list of dreamy days, now is the time to get creative and focus on the positives.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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