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posted on 23 May 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Who said that hot, balmy days are vital for weddings? There is so much more to the cooler months than we think, not least because of the special offers you can score both at wedding venues and the places at which you choose to honeymoon – winter months are the slow months for wedding business.

Think of the alternative ideas and themes with which you can play – eggnog at the reception, a herbal tea station, white décor (imagine white papier mache pears atop a white cake stand…), vases filled with winter flowers, shawls and blankets tossed over guests’ chairs, a roaring log fire, icing snowflakes on the cake, comfort food, a string quartet – the ideas are limitless.

Here are some other winter wedding ideas:

The food – mulled cranberry cider, root vegetable soup, chunks of artisan bread, rich local cheeses and warm apple cider, white hot chocolate in espresso cups, mashed potatoes, cheese fondue, a pasta station with at least three sauces, roast vegetables, and a dessert table thick with rich puddings, smothered in chocolate.

The clothes – there is no need to look as though you’re marrying in summer – go for heavy fabrics like brocade, thick satin or velvet and experiment with lace high necks and sleeves, add fake fur wraps, stoles or shrugs – play with colour here – red can look simply stunning; hunt down a perfect pair of stilletto closed toes or even more emphatic boot style shoes to keep warm. The men can dress up in waistcoats and jackets, with a play on scarves.

The place – look for a venue that will lend itself to that snug, comfortable and intimate winter feel. Most imperative is that it have at least one fire place, and avoid sliding doors and large windows as they add a draft. If your venue does not have carpets, ask them if they could do so, and even add hanging rugs to the walls to keep out the cold. Look for barns, historic or cob buildings.

Décor and flowers – white can create an incredible atmosphere, particularly if you do it for everything, but it’s difficult to achieve and can look as inviting if you add silver, red or gold. Use strings of little lights everywhere, candles, red fruit in glass bowls, make use of seasonal flowers, red roses, amaryllis, fynbos or other winter blooms.

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