When to get Engaged?

posted on 20 September 2011 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Are you ready?

You’re think you’re ready to get engaged (either he’s debating furiously about popping the question, or you’re dropping hints, madly)  but how do you know you’re actually ready for the big ‘M’?

A question about engagement begs the question before the question: would you marry him/her? Because not everyone gets it – the fact that marriage logically follows engagement, or that engagement implies marriage. You need to know that you are absolutely, absolutely ready to marry one another, before you become engaged.

How do you know you are ready for marriage?

  • Are you through with dating? Are you prepared to throw away the ‘little black book’ with the phone numbers of potential or past flames? Can you imagine your life without dating others?
  • Do you have a life outside of the relationship – do you enjoy your life, career, friends and family; you’re not looking to marriage to ‘fix’ your problems?
  • Do you make a good couple? Do you complement one another? Do your similarities and differences add or subtract from the relationship, and are the essential factors all in place for harmonious living – core values the same, spending habits similar? Do you bring out the best in one another?
  • Do your friends and family like your prospective marriage choice? Or are there mumblings in the ranks. This is a biggie, for as much as I’d like to encourage you to go with your inclinations, usually one’s family and friends really do know better…
  • Are you well past the stage of infatuation? A relationship needs at least a year-and-a-half to two years to cement itself enough to know if this is truly love.
  • Would you elope? And not to escape the anguish of your parents when you break the news, but because this is about the marriage, and not the wedding (whilst the event is great fun, you will need to spend the rest of your life with the groom).

So if you think you are ready to get engaged, all you need to do now is Pop The Question (or get him to!)

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