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What to wear to your court wedding

You’re not doing the grand sweep down an aisle. You’ve opted for a civil wedding ceremony, in a magistrate’s court (although a civil wedding can also be in any other wedding venue, including a chapel, without any of the religious significance). Which doesn’t make it any less special or noteworthy. So what do you wear?

Just about anything goes. You can do the bride’s white dress, if that’s your desire (but it tends to be overkill in this situation). A court wedding, with none of the frills and fuss of a traditional ceremony, can also be your chance to show your personal style in a not traditional bridal gown – a knee-length dress with attitude springs to mind.

You still want it to feel special, so a white skirt suit, a blouse and skirt combo, a little designer dress, or cocktail dress with an incredible pair of high heel, peep toes shoes is right on the button. The groom could forego the suit entirely, or still wear a trendy suit, but without a tie or jacket. Some even do it in jeans.

A friend of mine wore a long, floral summer frock and looked incredible. Draw your inspiration from the look that appeals to you, and make it work for you. If you’re worried about finding the ‘right’ look, then take a friend you trust along with you and try on numerous styles of dresses until you find the look you want.

Court weddings tend to be smaller, with only a couple of witnesses and a few family members at most. You can then invite your friends to celebrate your union at a party afterwards, which also need not hold any of the ‘reception’ quality about it – a meal at a restaurant, or picnic with a handful of your mates is optimal.

The important thing is that with less to worry about and a smaller wedding to organise, there is more time to focus on the important aspect of the ceremony – the two of you, joined in matrimony.

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