What to do with your hair – messy bun or smooth classic look

posted on 8 August 2011 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Messy Bun wedding hair

Let’s not forget your hair is your crowning glory, and, whilst the wedding dress is everything, it’s true, the veil, if you wear one, will only hide your head for a very short time, until you are ‘unveiled’ as the ceremony begins. And if you do choose to be ‘unveiled’ (and so many brides today do not) then your hair will need to withstand the veil and the unveiling aspect too.

So, messy bun or something a little more classic? There is so much to choose from, depending on the length of your hair and personal style. But it is best to choose something that will offset your dress particularly, and your style and personality most importantly.

The most important aspect to consider is that the line of the dress match the line of the hair – for instance a sleek bob, or a bunch of curls high on the head go well with a long, slim gown.

Do you do it with bangs, a bob, braids, curls, extensions, up or down?

Here are a couple of guidelines:

  • the messy bun – a far more chic version of the bun for gym look, if done by a professional hairdresser this can offset a wedding dress just beautifully. The messy French bun is very ‘in’ at the moment
  • the classic bun – these are classier versions of the messy bun that are usually versions of the beehive bun or twisted updo. They’re simple and sophisticated
  • loose – these are more classic styles worn so as not to distract from your natural beauty; worn wavy or straight this hairstyle always adds glamour, particularly if you work in a tiara or flowers
  • worn short – we don’t all have long, flowing tresses and there are some amazing things one can do with short hair – there are elegant clips, tiarras, ribbons
  • hair extensions – if in doubt, cheat. There are amazing things one can do with a little more volume and one can create this by using clip-in extensions to accentuate the style

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  1. 8 Aug 2011
    Helga says

    Lovely! I’m wearing mine in the messy bun look!