Wedding ring tattoos – a trend without end

posted on 21 November 2011 by The Tie The Knot Team
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It’s seriously breaking with tradition to have a tattoo, instead of a ring. But there are countless people who, though they love the sacred idea of a ring of eternity, hate wearing them, or can’t because of the work they do. Is the wedding ring tattoo a trendy solution? Would you wear one?

Whilst I found the idea rather an eye-rolling one, on closer inspection, there are some wonderful ideas when it comes to design. And a ring tattoo does not necessarily have to be on the ring finger where one would usually sport a ring.

One design I saw had Indian henna designs on the lowest digit of the ring finger, just below the nail, for the bride and groom – now that looked super trendy. Even I must admit to secretly lusting after one of those.

However, the other not so obvious factor involved in this new trend is the permanence of the tattoo. It’s for life. But then so is marriage, right? But are you someone who wants a tattoo on your hand?

Whilst a lot of people adopting this new trend tend to have one another’s names initialed round their fingers, or the date of their wedding (not sure that I’m crazy about this idea), there are some other lovely ideas, like the henna idea above, and various celtic curves and knots.

Tattoos allow more imagination to flow during the wedding preparation process. Do you want the same tattoos, images that complement one another, or free standing tattoos? And what if you make a mistake? How can you tell if the design will look good on your finger or not?

Here is a sure-fire mistake-free method. Find a marker, get an artist to tattoo the pattern directly onto your finger (difficult to do yourself) and stick clear tape over it so that it will last for a while, and see how this looks and feels for a day or two.

Take a few photos of the one you really like, to show the tattoo parlour too, so that there is no chance of anything going wrong on the day it is inked with finality into your skin.

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