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Wedding Favour cookies – an inexpensive alternative

As the costs for your wedding mount up you might be getting a bit concerned about how to pay for it all. There are a good couple things that you can do to save on costs or you might just be looking for ideas on how to really personalise things a bit – you know, make some things yourself, get your Mom and Sisters involved … that sort of thing. I was hunting around for pretty wedding pictures to use and found these “wedding favour cookies” which got me thinking …

Cookies like these above are a great alternative to expensive gifts so will help to keep costs down and you can really personalise them with a bit of creativity. If you are not good at baking and icing yourself, ask your Mom or Gran or maybe another family member to help you (or you could practise doing them yourself long before the time, by making cookies in small batches – just don’t “test” too many … you still need to fit into your wedding dress!).

If you don’t have a recipe available do a Google search for “Wedding Favour Cookies recipe” … I tried this and found plenty of really easy recipes (and believe me – I can’t bake to save my life, but even I would try these!). I also found literally hundreds of ideas for different styles, shapes, types of cookies, all of which would make wonderful wedding favours and won’t cost a fortune!

Some ideas

  • get cellophane and wrap each cookie individually and tie with matching ribbon
  • decorate each cookie with the name of the guest and use as name plates on the tables
  • place cookies in little presentation boxes on the tables (although we like the cellophane idea more)
  • add a small flower to each cookie that ties in with your bouquet or wedding flowers
  • if you are a talented baker, try making a unique mould for your cookies yourself, something to tie in with your theme

Let us know if you have any other ideas to add to this that you’d like to share with other brides-to-be by leaving a comment below!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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