Top wedding gift ideas

posted on 15 September 2011 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Top Wedding Gifts

This is one for those who really want to buy something the bride and groom will appreciate .

For, let’s face it, weddings are somewhat tiresome these days. Most of them have wedding registries at one of the big department stores, like @Home, Boardmans or an online website like Yuppie Chef, where the bride-to-be has already selected a series of items she’d like to see lined up on her shelves at home.

On the one hand, this is a fantastic way for the bride to get what she wants, and for guests not to have to think too hard – who has time to think these day, anyway?

But on the other hand, it totally denies those for whom selecting something really meaningful for the bride and groom is a task to which they look forward.

A compromise could involve a little sentence or two on your wedding invitation acknowledging that some of your guests may want to buy something other than what is on the registry and that they are welcome to do so.

Gone are the days when trying to find something is difficult!

Here is a list of great wedding gift ideas:

  • spa vouchers – nothing like a day of pampering
  • artwork – if it’s one of yours, all the better
  • Le Creuset crockery
  • a luxurious room for their first night as a married couple
  • upgrade their air tickets to their honeymoon destination
  • luxury sheets and pillows – nothing like goose down and high thread count (see our article on Granny Goose)
  • special dates – tickets to three or four special events, including dinner and the theatre, to help them keep the spark alive in their first year of marriage
  • a couple of bottles of select wine – to start their wine collection
  • a gift of love – if you know the couple well, think of something they both love that is not on the registry, for instance if they both read, select a library of your favourite books to last their marriage

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  1. 23 Mar 2012
    Ina says

    Im 50 and its my second marriage.. Are presents necessary for the people we invite? Must we put presents out at a place? We’ve got everything but need trees or rose plants for my newly built house?

  2. 26 Sep 2011
    rubal saggu says

    I really enjoyed reading you blog. I am always looking for new information because as the old saying goes “Knowledge is power”.