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The Latest Trends In Engagement Rings

An engagement ring, despite being traditional and very strongly associated with diamonds, does not necessarily adopt one of three or four staid settings that survive generation after generation.

You just have to look at your mother’s ring to know that you would like a change. Mind you, I coveted my grandmother’s engagement ring for years and many antique rings adorn the ring fingers of celebrities today.

Despite being relatively trend-proof engagement rings are still influenced by different styles and social trends. Here are a few latest trends to help you make a selection:

  • Emerald-cut diamonds – rectangular diamonds are known as emerald cut diamonds. Angelina Jolie’s quarter of a million dollar ring is one cut in a similar shape and has brought this design back to the forefront of engagement ring trends.
  • Halo settings – a setting back in the limelight due to yet another famous person halo settings, like the blue sapphire arrangement of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, and Natalie Portman’s double-halo ring, are a vintage look in which small framing stones surround a larger, usually coloured, stone.
  • Gemstone or non-diamond stones – largely thanks, again, to Kate Middleton gemstones have taken centre stage. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires make a bold statement and can look incredible, as well as understated, and move away from the traditional statement of a diamond.
  • Conflict free diamonds – the conscience free ring, because now that we know about blood diamonds we want ours certified conflict-free – mined and processed without taking advantage of people in the developing world and not via warlords or fund insurgencies. This trend has little to do with what the ring looks like and everything to do with ethics, though they shouldn’t cost more.
  • Recycled gold – this is one step further along the eco road and means your ring of choice is made from recycled gold, platinum or silver. Or you can re-set your mother or grandmother’s ring, using the gold and stone from the former to make your ‘new’ setting.
  • Pink or yellow diamonds – are really trendy at the moment. These rather rare stones can be rather pricey, particularly pink diamonds. But not all coloured diamonds are more expensive than white, and if you’re after yellow, grey or brown, they’re relatively affordable.

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