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I’ve probably caught on to the trend really late, but brides and tattoos are big, if you hadn’t noticed. Tattoos in general, provided you can spell ‘tattooed’, are more than just a form of body modification, they’re a statement you’re prepared to wear for life.

But when it comes to weddings, and your grandparents would probably fall over if they saw what you have on your shoulder or back, do you cover, or do you flagrantly wear your tattoo, for it’s part of you?

Body art is a large part of Hindu weddings. Mehandi involves applying henna as a temporary skin decoration used in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. They became really fashionable in the West during the late 1990s where they are known as henna tattoos. They’re beautiful.

Whilst they’re not traditionally part of the Western wedding scene, they have become a lot more ‘acceptable’ as brides who love ink throw caution and tradition to the wind and refuse to cover up – many of them would have to wear highly conservative polo neck dresses and gloves if this were a priority.

Brides who incorporate tattoos into their wedding pair beautiful wedding dresses with body art and look stunning.

But let’s face it, sometimes creating the right impression for your in laws may out weigh the freedom of expressing yourself as you are. In cases like this – provided your body art is cover-up-able – wearing sleeves, or a shawl to cover  up for the ceremony, and throwing it off for the reception is a way to meet them halfway. Besides, by the time the shock hits them, you’re already married.

Whether or not you cover up, will depend on where your tattoo is and just how you feel about the combination of a wedding dress with your particular tattoo. Some tattoos are merely little sketches on a shoulder, or lower back. These can easily be hidden, or merely ‘peek’ out from under a dress.

But some tattoos are technicolour works of art and on arms or upper shoulders where trying to cover up would merely attract attention to the tattoo. If you have one of these it has hardly gone unnoticed before now, so the chances of family members not knowing are pretty slim. Find a dress that perfectly frames it and it remains a work of art.

If you have one, you probably love it, so flaunt it, is what I say.

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