One For The Guys – Surprising Her With a Ring When You Propose?

posted on 19 March 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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And how do you know what size to buy?

You’re about to pop the question and beginning to play with the idea of buying the ring. But before putting down a serious wad of cash you need to know something about choosing the perfect diamond ring.

It isn’t the ball-numbing expense of the ring alone that is going to keep you up at night, that much is obvious. So, do you pop the question with or without the ring? The thought that she may not like it can be a major deterrent, but how much more romantic the proposal if the ring is there at the moment…

We’ll ease the squeeze just a little by pointing out that if you buy the ring from a reputable jewellery store, they’re sure to have a returns policy that will allow her to come in and exchange the ring for something she likes a little more.

And with that major headache behind you, you’re a lot more free to give the shelves a good once over for something you’re sure she will like, without the added stress of knowing that if you screw up, it’s the wringer for you.

Better still, put off the agony of choosing the ring and buy only the diamond, set it in a little box and let the magic of the stone clinch the deal for you.

But if you’re braving the ring route, here are a few pointers to get you going:

  • After movies at the mall on a friday night, manage to stroll past a few jewellery store windows and make a note of the rings she likes
  • If the above doesn’t work, have a look through her jewellery box or ask her friends (a tad difficult if the proposal is a surprise)
  • The budget – this is entirely up to you; some people say two months’ salary, others indicate whatever you can afford and that it isn’t the size that counts (yeah, yeah)
  • You’ll need to do your homework on the shape of diamonds, the setting styles available and the choice of metal before going into a store (the internet is crammed with information about the four c’s of diamond selection – cut, carat, clarity and colour)

And ring size? You could try tying a string around her left ring finger whilst she’s asleep. Conversely find out the size of the rings she wears on her right hand and go with that. You can always adjust a ring size afterwards.

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