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Style Statements For the Groom Who Doesn’t Want To Wear a Tux

The tux. Well, it’s lovely. But seriously, it is (dare I say it) passé – out dated, past its prime, worn, outmoded…(if there is anything of the unconventional groom in you).

Weddings, particularly those with anything close to a shred of dignity, are all opting for things outrageous and creative. And the tux. It doesn’t get a look in, unless you’re doing the full-on white wedding. And who does the full-on ‘white wedding’ these days?

But what is a groom to do for alternatives?

If all else fails, opt for a trendy suit with trainers that have street-cred. But if you use your imagination, there are a number of other alternatives to reveal the idiosyncratic groom in you:

  • The black velvet jacket – find a fitted black velvet jacket, team this with a white fitted, cotton shirt with exposed cuffs and cufflinks, a bow tie, a classy pair of sleek dark denim jeans, tight, lace-up, black Oxford-style dress shoes and (for added measure) a black bowler hat, or similar
  • Vests and waistcoats – fitted waistcoats can either dress up or dress down the accompanying shirt and accessories, and are easier to wear in a hot climate like ours; so a traditional wool waistcoat (think tweed) over a dress shirt and colourful cravat or tie to dress up, and a tight fitting charcoal grey or black waistcoat over a white cotton shirt and dressy (or casual) jeans, to dress down
  • Hats – seriously, any hat – bowler, top hat, trilby or anything inbetween – preferably more than a little worn, will offset any combination of clothing. It simply has to be worn with attitude
  • Accessories – think your grandfather’s style pocket watch on a chain, conversation stopping cufflinks, loud, patterned socks, subtle hankies exposed from jacket pockets, a gentle red flower (not a carnation) jauntily pinned to a jacket, dress rings – oh, anything goes…

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