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All About Something Borrowed

The saying started off rather easily “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” – and the ideas themselves were rather easy to implement. The next two were the trickiest for me – and today, we talk about ‘something borrowed’.

The easiest options here are to borrow an item of jewelry to wear or incorporate into your outfit (think a pair of pearl earings, or similar – either worn in your ears, or studded into your hair or bouquet of flowers). However, I already had my (limited) jewelry planned … which left me in a bit of a predicament. Shoes are a little tricky (I’d prefer not to literally, put myself in someone else’s shoes)

What else, could I then borrow – that I would still find use for on the day? My approach was rather 21st century : costume hire. Give me a chance, before you start having visions of me walking down the aisle in a Flamenco-style petticoat.

As my wedding outfit was a little vintage inspired – with flowing, with lace and pearls – I had the vision of a faux fur throw in mind, to use for some of our photographs afterwards. As it wasn’t an item I had readily available in my closet, I asked around faithful Facebook and it seemed as though it wasn’t readily available in anyone’s closest.

So, off I went to a costume hire store, found the perfect wrap, and ‘borrowed’ it for the weekend. Yes, I paid a small fee – but I still think it counts in the name of ‘tradition’.

An option that will perhaps make the man in your life a little more interested – consider maybe hiring a special car for your wedding day. Whether it’s fancy or vintage, it’ll be a ‘something borrowed’ that you can both share and enjoy – and maybe even arrange for it to take you to your honeymoon destination or airport afterwards.

Obviously, a common item to hire on a wedding day is your actual wedding dress – the third option after of course buying one and having one made. As you’re taking it back afterwards – give yourself a big ‘tick’ for ‘something borrowed’!

Would you consider hiring anything for your wedding day?

Something Borrowed

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Happy Wedding Planning!

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