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Shoe Tips – How Best To Buy And Wear Your Winter Wedding Shoes

Whilst the cold steadily sets in around the country there are still brides out there hoping to wear barely there wedding attire, despite the weather. And one way of doing this is to choose shoes that keep you feet warm – don’t know about you, but if my feet are alright, then so is the rest of me.

Here follow a few winter shoe tips:

  • The great thing about your big day is that you can change your shoes as often as you choose, but bear in mind that any outdoor appearances necessitate warm and dry shoes
  • Think comfort – posing for photos, walking down the aisle, greeting people, cutting the cake, dancing – your feet are not only on parade, but they need to go the mile
  • Choose your shoes early so that you have them for your dress fitting sessions, or you hemline will need to change
  • Wear your shoes in before the day, around the house
  • Try to choose shoes with a rounded toe, or you’ll find your toes pinched
  • Avoid open-toed shoes in winter unless you want to end up with a cold, and wear stockings
  • If you’re opting for flatties, try jazz shoes – similar to ballet pumps but with a little heel – you can slip invisible socks inside them to keep your feet extra cosy
  • Buy a pair of white boots with heels – there are so many different options on the market for brides – and they look spectacular, particularly the Mary Poppins-style boots
  • If the wedding venue is muddy due to rain, consider having a pair of wellington boots as back up for under your dress during the photo session – not only can they look really cute (there are some wonderfully playful designs available) but they will serve to keep you and your feet well and truly dry
  • If your gown is not pure white, be careful about buying shoes to match, rather go for something complementary, like bright red or gold (just not black)
  • Consider adding faux fur to the edge of the shoes, or a feathers and rhinestones

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