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posted on 12 April 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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That it is leap year is supposed to denote the rather quaint idea that women can propose to their boyfriends, preferably on Leap Day. Since most of us no longer need the rather antiquated form of permission to propose, Leap Day has come and gone without an article on said reversed proposal.

But it is an idea worth exploring, and simply because the big day has whoosh – gone, does not mean that the whole ‘proposing to your boyfriend’ phenomenon needs to pass you by.

As way back as the fifth century in Ireland a leap year gave women free reign to pop the question on 29 February, once every four years – a long time to wait if you missed a round. These days women don’t feel they have to wait. However, it is still rather a rare phenomenon for women to propose to men.

Placing the er, shoe on the other foot and standing in the space in which we usually reserve for men, can be both liberating, and rather daunting, depending on your relationship, so you might want to gauge a couple of things first, like:

  • His views on marriage – what are they?
  • Whether or not you’re part of his future picture?

These kinds of questions, asked casually enough, will get him in the right frame of mind. By that we mean that most men are probably not already walking down the aisle mentally, the way many of us are, by the time we’re sharing our third pizza at Panarotti’s.

In fact, they’ve probably not really considered what it will mean to be married to you, and you want them to at least dwell on the idea before you pop the question.

If you get a good feeling from the above conversation you subtly introduce then how to propose becomes the next issue. Avoid the soft and mushy stuff that guys do. Very few of them are going to appreciate the candlelit dinner, gentle music thing – it’ll probably just make them nervous.

Rather go for a place they love – a pub, a club, a soccer match – but arrange something special, like champagne on ice, for after you’ve popped the question. Just don’t do it in front of his family, or friends. And if you go down on one knee, make sure he can see down your cleavage 😉

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