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How to Survive Weddings Whilst Single

Weddings of our friends tend to happen in waves. There is seldom just one wedding. Once one of the group has started the trend, others follow, and before long, you’re attending weddings more often than seeing a movie.

But how do you survive a wedding (or two) as a single person without a long-term partner? (whilst most of us can carry off one wedding with some bravado, a series of weddings is set to act as a consistent reminder of one’s single status).

  • Don’t be tempted to invite just anyone for the sake of having someone there – your neighbour, the guy you hang out with at the photostat machine at work, your second cousin – weddings are the worst kind of place to end up in the arms of the wrong guy, and simply because you thought just one date wouldn’t change things…
  • That said, if you do have an amazing friend with whom you can have fun anytime, anywhere (no strings attached) then invite them as your platonic date to make sure you have a fun evening
  • Dress up to kill and go solo – whilst suggesting that you play on your looks when it comes to confidence is just plain shallow, going it alone necessitates that you feel simply gorgeous
  • Stay away from the alcohol – no, seriously, there is nothing more pathetic than a single girl who loses her head and cannot control her liquor
  • Arm yourself with a one-liner, designed to deflect the rather obvious pick up line when you’re alone – ‘what’s a lovely girl like you doing alone in a place like this?’, to which you retort ‘I’m holding out for someone equally as lovely…’
  • Avoid the bouquet throwing fiasco – you don’t want to be the one catching the flowers
  • Prepare a mental pep talk ahead of time, to deal with the natural descent into pathos when you have to look at the very obviously in-love bride and groom all evening – something like creating your own mental registry should do it; a wish list of gifts you want for your own wedding…
  • Celebrate being single – you haven’t settled for second best, you’re in control of your life, your future is ahead of you and anything can happen

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