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Great tips for finding flower girl dresses

There is no more exciting experience for little girls than being a flower girl, take it from me. A wedding is a fantasy make-believe dress-up opportunity that doesn’t come around more than once or twice in a little girl’s rather short girlhood (face it, the goofy-toothed, gappy smiles of over six-year olds doesn’t make great photo moments).

Flower girls announce that the bride has arrived. They’re the first part of the bridal party people see, and almost always elicit a number of oohs and aahs.

It’s also one of the more pleasurable tasks you will have to perform as a bride – selecting what your flower girl(s) will wear. One or several, the dress will need to fit in with the ‘look’ you’ve already chosen for your bridesmaids. But it isn’t difficult to find something in which they look gorgeous and with which you’ll be happy. It isn’t hard to make little girls look just perfect.

1. Go for simple / elegant that is also comfortable – the more fussy the dress, the more chance there is that the little ones will spend most of their march down the aisle fidgeting with whatever is tickling or getting in their way

2. Choose something appropriate for the time of day and season of your wedding – velvet dresses may look perfect for evening and winter weddings, but your flower girls will swelter during summer (this is especially important to remember if you’re already planning in winter for your summer wedding)

3. Watch out for size – little girls can grow at alarming rates in the space of a couple of months

4. Do a scout about first on your own – expecting a little girl to traipse around for more than a couple of hours going from shop to shop, when there might not even be anything suitable is a recipe for disaster

5. Get it straight off the hanger – some department stores, like Woolworths, do bridesmaids dresses, which might just save you a lot of bother and effort at a dressmaker.

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