Great Cost-Cutting Tip(s) For Your Wedding Reception

posted on 2 April 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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The ‘s’ of ‘tips’ is in parentheses for good reason. One major tip alone should save you money, but we’ve also included other cost-cutters for good measure. It does depend on where your head is on this one. If you’re all set on hosting the reception of all receptions and flexibility is not your middle name, then…

A friend of mine did the following, and it not only saved her a huge amount of dosh, it also ended up being one of the best receptions, ever: Andrea and Steve had a lovely formal wedding ceremony in a stone church somewhere in Cape Town, followed by a great sit-down meal (still at the church) – she followed the cost-cutting tip of having the wedding and reception at the same venue. It was all over by 9pm.

Rather than make her guests feel obliged to stay for the boogie part of the evening, the party ended and most of the wedding party then moved on to a club not too far away, to really celebrate.

She saved on the venue, DJ, drinks and décor. And no-one minded. Not one jot. It was the after party of after parties. The guests loved the idea, were able to buy the bride and groom congratulatory drinks and when the DJ got wind of the event, he played a special number.

A few other tips to save money on the reception:

  • Negotiate – play one venue off against another; visit, get quotes and ideas from at least four venues and then negotiate your price
  • Have the reception at home (one of your friends or family will have a large garden)
  • Don’t do an ‘open bar’ – or you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets. Make a couple of good wines available for each table, and then the rest is DIY
  • Get smart – use your party favours (if you’re having them) as the table centrepiece rather than flowers for each table, or use seasonal fruit instead – it doubles as a snack or dessert
  • Make your own wedding invitations
  • Decorate your wedding cake yourself
  • Get married off-peak (June, July, August) as there are often winter specials on wedding venues

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