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Going Solo Down The Aisle (When Your Father Doesn’t Give You Away)

Don’t be intimidated by those who believe that a trip down the aisle should involve a procession of no fewer than five people, headed by the bridesmaids and the ushers, and followed by the ring bearer or flower girls, with you and your father bringing up the rear.

Not everyone is going to want their father to walk them down the aisle. There are numerous reasons but nothing prevents you from breaking with tradition and taking to the aisle on your own. You wouldn’t be doing anything someone has not already done before you.

Today’s world has a variety of family dynamics. Very often a bride has already lived with her partner for long enough that being ‘given away’ has something of the ridiculous about it. Over and above this there are many families in which step parents and other important family members play a big role; large enough to feel isolated by a father’s role as escort.

Then there are estranged fathers, daughters and mothers. Women for whom their parents have not been there at all, and for whom an escort down the aisle would feel like a parody.

And there are women for whom a wedding is the second time around and for whom a walk down the aisle with dad would be farcical.

Many brides, faced with the above, or a combination of some of the situations, would rather grace the aisle on their own. But that walk can feel intimidating on the day. There are a sea of eyes on you, and the passage can feel a long one.

There is an alternative that offends no-one. Invite one’s parents-in-law and parents to walk down the aisle ahead of you, whilst your partner waits at the last row to join you on your passage behind them.

Appropriate and simple, but it honours one’s need for something a little different than what is traditionally expected of a bride.

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