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Festive Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Festive Photo Booth ~ Photo booths have become a popular wedding feature over the past while and when you consider the extra element of fun that they bring to the festivities it is easy to see why. When hiring a photo booth you will most likely be supplied with a box of props to go with it, and that’s great, but you might want to think about adding a couple of your own as well.

Even better? Create a box of props that will fit in with the theme of your wedding!

Here are a couple of photo booth ideas to get you inspired:

Chalk Boards & Chalk

Provide a couple of cute chalk boards and plenty of chalk so that you guests can either write you little messages or just have fun playing around.

Hats & Wigs

Once you “add wine” to the party there are very few grownups who can resist trying out a good wig. Add a couple of crazy hats and your guests will laugh and play for hours.

Things on Sticks

You can easily make a couple of props with some paper and sosati sticks. Moustaches cut out of black paper are a firm favourite photo booth prop but you can also do lips, bow ties and glasses if you wish.

Crazy Giant Sunglasses

Another firm favourite in the photo booth world. These are easy to pick up from any store that sells party goods.

Giant Flowers

Add a couple of quirky giant plastic flowers for a bit of springtime silliness.

Words on Sticks

Make little “picket signs” for your photo booth players to hold with words like Love, Joy and Happiness on them.

Vintage Frames

Folks love sticking their heads behind frames and posing. It’s goofy. It’s fun. Do it!


Yeah, hearts are a little cheesy but weddings are all about love so you can totally get away with it. Giant paper hearts, hearts on sticks, heart-shaped balloons. Hearts are great.

You can pretty much use anything for your magic photo booth prop box. You could even go so far as putting a couple of proper dress-up items in there. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and making memories.

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