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Father / Daughter Dance Songs That Won’t Leave You Grimacing

Father / Daughter Dance Songs ~ How often have you danced with your father? I can’t remember that I have, other than to boogy at someone’s appalling wedding reception, once. And there might have been a New Year’s party when I was really young…

But the father daughter dance of the day on which you marry is charged with emotion. Daddy’s girl is about to leave the roost, at least metaphorically speaking (most of us already have by the time we get around to walking down the aisle).

There will be very few of your guests who won’t shed at least a tear, if you do it right when it comes to the Father / Daughter Dance Songs.

And doing it right means avoiding the really cheesy numbers out there. We’ve put together a list that should save you embarrassment and make it a dance to remember.

The father daugher, or mother daughter, dance traditionally happens as the second dance of the evening – the one after the bride and groom’s ‘first dance’, but really it’s up to you. Some people give it a skip.

One more tip you might want to consider, if you choose to do it. Make the choice of song more about your dad, particularly if you know that there is a song he enjoys that is applicable. This will save you dancing to a song that has no relevance for him. And if he’s more of a humour guy, then don’t do the soppy thing.

Not the usual father-daughter dance music

  • Child of Mine – Carol King
  • She’s a Rainbow – Rolling Stones
  • Sweet Child o’ Mine – Guns and Roses
  • I Loved Her First – Heartland
  • Always Be Your Baby – Natalie Grant
  • The Way You Look Tonight – Frankie (Frank Sinatra)
  • Lullaby – Billy Joel
  • Forever Young – Bob Dylan
  • Book of Love – Peter Gabriel
  • Brown Eyed Girl (if indeed you are) – Van Morrison
  • The Wonder of You – Elvis
  • Let’s Dance – David Bowie
  • You are my Sunshine – Johnny Cash (or any other version)
  • Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show (for something really crazy)
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy
  • God Only Knows – Beach Boys
  • Turn, Turn, Turn – The Byrds
  • Daughter – Bread
  • Time After Time – Cindi Lauper

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