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posted on 8 July 2011 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Eyelash Extensions

Not only do you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day but you also want to wake up on your honeymoon next to your hubby looking like a princess. I personally had these done and, without a doubt, if I could do it every 3 weeks of my life – I would!

The procedure takes about 2 hours and is pain free and relaxing as you can just fall asleep while the technician works their magic. They last for up to 3 weeks and vary in price from R300 to R750. You can choose to have it done elaborately or keep it toned down and natural. The best part is it saves on mascara and you can swim and continue with your day as usual but look fabulous as there will be no makeup running down your face if you tear up on your special day. I absolutely loved mine and, together with my French manicure, it made me feel like a superstar!

things that can be extended:

  • Your hair – When I dreamt of my wedding day, I always saw myself with long flowing hair. When my husband proposed we decided we would get married in February and as my hair wasn’t long and flowing yet, I was able to make my vision come true with the latest in fashion trends!
  • Your nails
  • Your eyelashes

All in the name of beauty on the one day you should feel the most glamorous! Enjoy!

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Happy Wedding Planning!

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