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Competing With The Jones’ – How Not To Fall Into The Trap

What with nineteen year old Miley Cyrus planning not one, but THREE ceremonies for her wedding to Liam Hemsworth, and Justin Timberlake giving his bride not one, but FOUR wedding rings, it would appear that doing things to excess is escalating, not slowing – despite a worldwide recession.

Remaining with Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, the couple also had a four-day wedding celebration in the foreign clime of southern Italy (they must have a thing for the number ‘four’).

Does this trend for excess mean that the big day is getting bigger, but meaning less? Can all this imbalance and glamour be an indication that for a celebration to have significance it has to be disproportionately extravagant?

Have we, like the Romans towards the fall of their empire, reached over-indulgent proportions to the point that we have completely lost perspective?

Thankfully most of us are not celebrities and do not have to compete with these epic extravagances. However, it doesn’t take much to make one feel compelled to do and adopt similar at one’s own wedding because friends or other family are following the trend.

Here is how to keep your wedding as simple as possible (not necessarily cheap, but reasonable):

  • Keep your guest list to a trickle of close family and friends – you know when the list is expanding beyond where it’s reasonable (partners of family cousins is excessive)
  • Keep the menu simple – food is one of the biggest costs, but if your guest list has been trimmed you can stick to a few key dishes
  • Hire the tuxedos – yes, you can buy a simple suit, but why go to all that trouble when you can hire clothes for your wedding? Even the bridesmaids can get away with off-the-shelf simple attire
  • Pick a simple venue – if the wedding venue is extravagant, the rest of the wedding will have to follow suit; pick the beach, a garden, an art gallery
  • Do your own flowers – it is not difficult; get a few girls together the afternoon before the wedding, buy bunches of flowers from the local market and get creative
  • Delegate co-ordination – every family has a member who thrives on organisation – you’ll need her/him

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