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Choosing Confetti

Ah confetti! Throwing things at the bride and groom as they walk out of the wedding ceremony and into their new life together is a strange but lovely tradition, and it is one that no wedding would be complete without. Granted today we mainly throw things at each other just because “that’s what we do” but the tradition started in a time when throwing seeds at the bride and groom was symbolic for fertility and to make their union a fruitful one.

Of course, for the modern day bride, confetti is less about blessedly running off and being able to procreate, and more about choosing something fun to fit the couple. Here are a few ideas to get your confetti groove going.

Bird Seed

If your wedding is going to be 100% traditional then you might as well go all the way and throw some seeds. If you’re going to do seeds though I do suggest you choose small seeds (finch food is best) rather than sunflower seeds because, let’s face it, someone is going to pelt you with these things. The best thing about bird seed is that there won’t be a mess to clean up (unless you’re throwing it inside…which is kind of strange but hey – it’s YOUR wedding!) and the symbolism behind throwing bird seed is definitely cute.


Contrary to popular Urban Legends, rice is not bad for birds. The pigeons aren’t going to swoop down after your rice-strewn walk into the future and have their stomachs explode after eating a hearty meal. You can have rice if you want to and you don’t have to feel guilty! Rice is also quite convenient in that you can colour it whatever colour you want. All you have to do is take 100ml of white vinegar mixed with the colour of your choice and add it to six cups of rice. Mix it so that the colour spreads evenly and then put it on a baking tray, cover it in tin foil and bake until the rice is dry again.

Flower petals

Of course rose petals are most commonly used for confetti but any flower petals will do. The best thing about using flower petals is that they tend to show up really well on camera and they look particularly beautiful.


Blowing bubbles at the bride and groom as they leave the wedding ceremony is an absolutely stunning alternative to conventional confetti options. Bubbles also photograph absolutely beautifully and guests have a ball blowing them at the happy couple. There is something about the childlike innocence that encompasses the entire bubble-blowing crowd that adds an extra-special vibe to the event.

The options for confetti are endless. These are a few of the easier more conventional ones. I’ll have to share a few of the quirkier ones another time!

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