The Right Way to Buy an Engagement Ring

posted on 2 July 2013 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Ring Shopping

Literature and television tend to give us a bit of a skewed idea of how things work out in the real world, but few of those ideas are quite as inaccurate as the idea of the engagement ring. You see, in a perfect world, the perfect man meets the perfect woman and somewhere along the line he manages to toddle off and buy the perfect engagement ring which he presents to the perfect woman in a perfect way. This may very well happen to you, but it’s not very likely. Very few men (people!) are 100% secure in their ability to choose something to the exact taste of their partner, and when it comes to the engagement ring, the risk of making a very costly mistake is high. The thing is, you don’t really want your engagement story to include the fact that your fiancé hated the ring you chose so you had to go and exchange it for something else. It’s just not romantic!

I asked a couple of guys in The Real World how they decided on which ring to get their fiancés and after a long discussion on Facebook (where the girls jumped in just as eagerly as the boys) here are a few conclusions:

  • It’s ok to shop for rings together. If buying a ring terrifies you to your core, it really is fine to just ask your future Mrs what she would like. Visit a couple of jewellery stores or scan through a few pics online and then once you have decided on what you want then you can go and buy it or arrange to have it made. Simple. Easy. Unscary.
  • Pay Attention to Your Woman. Girls hint. A lot. Sometimes not on purpose, but it happens. If you want the proposal to be an absolute 100% surprise but you’re not sure what to buy, try walking past jewellery stores when you go to the mall. What happens? Lovely lady pops her face in the window and says “Wow, isn’t that pretty?!” Allow this to happen a couple of times and you will start getting a proper feel for what she likes.
  • Go with your gut. A surprising revelation on the ring buying front is that quite a few of my guy friends simply went with their gut when it came to choosing rings. I must admit I am impressed! Especially since their guts lead to such successful purchases. Rory Larter from Cape Town said, “I looked for a ring for Inge that I felt suited her inner personality and outer petite appearance. It was tough to find, but if one looks hard enough it is possible to find. I just feel that a ring must almost be suited to, and complement the person wearing it.”
  • Moms, sisters & friends. Consider chatting to one or two significant females in your future fiancé’s life. If you’re feeling a little weary and in need of a second opinion, then one of them should be able to help you make the right choice. Also you will most likely score big points for coming to them for help!

At the end of the day you really just need to choose what works for the two of you and go for it!

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What Do You Think?

  1. 5 Jul 2013
    Stacey says

    My fiancé kept it a bit of a secret, this is how he did it: He sent me some picture of rings and said it was for his friend who was getting engaged and they needed a ladies opinion… I knew something was fishy but I played along and told him which one I liked the most. A few months later he proposed. I was surprised because I had forgotten about the pictures. It was the ring I had chosen. Sneaky Sneaky.. :)

  2. 2 Jul 2013
    Michelle says

    Shame… so much pressure on the guys!!! But you would feel equally as bad saying, sorry babe I really dont like this ring… please can we change it… best its done right from the beginning!

  3. 2 Jul 2013
    Leigh says

    I’d like to have my engagement ring match my wedding ring so that it suits perfectly. :) This will of course need to be chosen by myself and not my partner hee :) Asking a man to chose one ring is a challenge enough, two and he may feel pretty lost.