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The Brazen Bachelorette Party

The idea of a raucous Bachelorette Party might send ice coursing through the veins of many a blushing bride to be, but if you’re the bridesmaid of a more Brazen Bachelorette then it’s quite likely that you’re planning a bit of un-civilized fun to celebrate your bride’s send-off into the world of happy matrimony.

A couple of suggestions for a bit of girly silliness …

Dress her up

Find an old veil (or make one) and a tacky princess crown and dress your bride up in something silly. Maybe add some wings and a short skirt with crazy lumo stockings and take your bride out for drinks.

Keep her personality in mind when you do this though and remember the goal is to tease and not humiliate. This isn’t a hazing ritual… it’s all for fun. If you know your bride hates her stomach don’t make her wear a belly top. That’s just mean!

Hire a stripper

Yes, this kind of sounds like something straight out of a sitcom… but that’s why you should do it! It could turn out to be awkward and embarrassing and cause a lot of shy giggling (or cat calling…) but it’s pretty harmless fun.

Again, you need to consider your bride here. If you think her fiancé might have an issue with it, it might be best to give the naked men a skip.

Play drinking games

If you’re staying at home you might get everyone to sit in a circle and play some sort of drinking board game or even a card game, but if you’re going to be out at a pub you might consider making some take-a-shot rules.

For instance, whoever mentions the groom’s name has to immediately down the rest of their drink and whoever says the word “wedding” has to do a shot of tequila.

Make her sell things

Give your bride a bucket full of lollypops and send her “begging”. Basically she will approach fellow pub patrons – while dressed in her crazy outfit – and explain to them that she is getting married soon and she is selling lollipops to make some money for the honeymoon. She’s not allowed to go home until all the lollipops are sold.  

This should provide a lot of fun and laughs for everyone around and she may even get to go home with a decent bit of  extra cash.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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