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Assembling the Accessories

Even the most perfect bridal gown is not complete without accessories, so once your dress has been decided on there is still a little bit of work left to do before your perfect princess ensemble is complete.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while on your quest to pick up the finishing touches.

Decide on your headpiece

Veils are not a one-size-fits all accessory so it is best that you try on a few before you settle on one. They come in different shapes, lengths and sizes and you might find that certain types suit you (and your dress) better than others. If you are not that keen on wearing a veil then experiment with tiaras, alice bands, beaded hair combs / clips or consider pinning fresh flowers in your hair.

Consider warmth

Even if you are getting married in spring or summer you might find that you need something to keep you warm once the sun goes down. Pashminas or shawls would make a good choice to slip over your cold shoulders. You could even get one made especially out of lace. Otherwise, as silly as it may sound, you might consider a simple cardigan to keep you warm. At a more rustic wedding a cute little cardie could fit right in! Choose one that matches your wedding colours and make sure that it fits nicely with your dress before the big day.

Settle on shoes

Stilettos are obviously a fabulous choice when it comes to shoes for almost any dress, but do remember that you are going to be on your feet for a long time so if you are not used to walking around in three inch heels it is possibly better to opt for something else. There is, of course, no rule that says you can’t wear a gorgeous pair of stilettos for a little while and then change into pumps or ballet slippers or sneakers or slip slops or gumboots later.

Choose your jewellery

Always remember that jewellery (like all accessories) is there to enhance your outfit, not compete with it. Simple and delicate if often best, but if you’re a chunky accessories kind of girl that is fine too as long as you make sure that your choice doesn’t clash with your dress. As usual – always try your jewellery on with the dress BEFORE the wedding. On my wedding day I discovered that my necklace was too long and I actually ended up having to break a piece off of it!

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