Are Your Guests Having Fun?

posted on 1 February 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Keeping your eye on every little detail whilst planning your wedding is a necessary evil. Otherwise nothing would come together. But during the process you will be forgiven for not only losing your sense of humour, but also forgetting that the prime objective, besides getting married, is that your guests have fun.

And, whilst I don’t doubt that you’ve given this some thought already, sometimes you may need to engineer a little humour. Here are a couple of ways you can do so, some of the pointers merely sensible ideas to keep your guests from feeling bored:

  • Make sure that your guests have access to both food and drink whilst waiting for the photos to happen. This might seem obvious, but nothing will iritate or make guests more ratty than feeling hungry, whilst you while away the time selecting more and more elegant poses in the garden
  • Choose the right entertainment – there is nothing quite makes or breaks a reception like the right entertainment, and this will depend very much on both you and your guests. A DJ or band, or an instrumental quartet creates an atmosphere that makes sure your guests aren’t sitting at a table feeling spare
  • Go through your seating plan – it is essential that people who know one another and like one another find themselves at the same table. In this way you won’t have to work very hard at getting the party going
  • Introduce a novel idea – like a photo booth, karaoke machine, an ice-cream van or a jukebox, if the budget allows
  • Go all out with your dessert table – there is nothing that makes guests more happy than dessert (and champagne), and include truffles, cup cakes, sweets, local delicacies like koeksisters, and little cardboard boxes so that your guests can take a couple of delicacies home too

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