All About The Shoe

posted on 5 July 2013 by The Tie The Knot Team
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All about the shoes

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to save a few hundred Rand without compromising your outfit – with the extra money rather going towards your bouquet or make-up.

Unless you are a sworn shoe fanatic, who could not imagine getting married in anything less than Jimmy Choos (I would then suggest seriously rethinking your budget and re-juggling some funds) it is now so easy to find a pair of shoes that look lovely and don’t cost the earth.

As most wedding dresses are floor length, your shoes will not be the focus of attention – and I’d suggest spending the extra money on something that will be photographed and seen more – your face and bouquet are the two obvious choices.

To get even more out of your wedding shoes, choose ones you’re likely to wear again: snow white with embellishments would probably not fall into this category. Nudes are always stylish, timeless and guaranteed to give you many years of good wear. Shoes are also a good way to introduce a pop of colour into your outfit and will be the best memory to have when you wear them again.

You can start looking for shoes as soon as you’ve decided on the design of your dress – hopefully a few months before your wedding. If you start early enough, you’ll also then be guaranteed at least one ‘sale season’ – which is happy hunting ground for a bride on a budget. Look at some of the more upmarket shoe stores too – sometimes they have wonderfully dramatic sales. It’s also a great time to go shopping with your bridesmaids and see if they can also pick a pair to wear on the day – not to mention a little lady-bonding time.

Keep in mind where you’ll be getting married / taking photographs / having your reception – spike stilettos are not the best idea for soft grass surfaces, and gravel may damage most heels.

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What Do You Think?

  1. 5 Jul 2013
    Michelle says

    So true.. I actually dont think I have ever seen a brides shoes… or never noticed anyway .. for all i know they could have been wearing comfy takkies underneath! :) I like the idea of colour or nude, something you will wear again.

  2. 5 Jul 2013
    Candice says

    I bought shoes that matched my wedding dress and my every day casual attire, :) This way, I don’t regret spending a small fortune on them.

  3. 5 Jul 2013
    Helen says

    Couldn’t agree more – my wedding shoes were a pair of silver Green Cross sandal / flip flops and I’m still wearing them four years down the line! They were comfy, I didn’t have to wear them in and they cost about R300. Bargain!