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All About The Hair

Ah, the hair. The pride and glory of most women and how much more so on their wedding day? Whether it’s half covered by a veil, swept up off your face or left down to tumble over your shoulders, it will be one of the main focuses of attention.

This often means that we’re tempted to spend hundreds (thousands?) on trying to make it the very best it can be. But is this really necessary? Couldn’t those thousands go somewhere else, rather than your follicles? Well, at least, this is how I viewed it.

Early on in the great wedding adventure, I had grand plans of having my hair dyed at the hairdresser, maybe having a little interesting contrast colour … and then a month before the wedding – I realized I would be spending about R900 and that there were other things I’d much rather have.

So, I dyed my hair myself. Gasps of shock and horror from around the crowd, I’m sure, but I was very glad I made that decision. It’s really not scary especially if you choose a colour you have used before, it’s very unlikely that something disastrous will happen. I dyed mine the week of my wedding, and was pretty thrilled with it. Shiny, glossy and with rich colour in a few minutes, I’d saved myself around R800.

For the styling, I had decided from the start that I wanted to wear my hair down. So, the morning of my wedding, I popped down to my local hairdresser, had a moisturizing treatment, trim off any split ends, style and blowdry, for no more than I would normally pay to have my hair done. With a little planning, I managed to cut my “hair” costs in half, while still being very happy with the results.

Before you start planning full-head highlights, hair extensions or ombre for your wedding day – think if you’ll still love the look in 20 years time – or whether you’ll wish you’d kept it classic and simple instead…

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