A Virtual Kitchen Tea – What Is The World Coming To?

posted on 30 November 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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A kitchen tea, or bridal shower, is where you shower the bride with gifts, but it’s also where you gather, all you girls together, to celebrate womanhood, the passage into marriage and other things girls do before a wedding.

Is it something we could do without?

Well, yes. Sometimes a kitchen tea is passed over by a bride. They can be cumbersome, awkward, involve hours of chatting with women you would probably rather not have to see a month or so before your wedding, and filled with gifts you may neither need nor want. In the order of things a kitchen tea is hardly a priority.

But what about a virtual kitchen tea?

A friend of mine mentioned that this is a growing trend – to receive a virtual invitation via Facebook. Instead of inviting a group of women to attend your pre-wedding gift giving bash, you simply send them a link to an online registry and forgo the party altogether.

Whilst I know there are some of you out there saying – ‘wow, that’s a cool idea; how much simpler to give people the opportunity to gift me, if they’d like to, and yet do away with the frozen-smiles-endless-small-talk that so many kitchen teas can evolve into’ – one has to consider the implications of what this means.

Yes, it makes things simpler, easier, less tedious. But what about good manners? What about the importance of doing the right thing? And yes, that is still important.

Besides, name me a kitchen tea that you haven’t eventually enjoyed. Somewhere in that muddle of women there is someone that you hit it off with, a woman that you haven’t met before, or someone that you have met but haven’t had time to connect with in any way before.

And what about the ‘gift grabbing’ implications. Do you seriously think that friends and people who will be attending your wedding will breathe a sigh of relief at having to send you another present, without any real connection with you? Are you okay with the way this makes you look?

I have only one word to describe virtual kitchen teas: tacky.

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