8 Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement

posted on 13 August 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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You and your partner have decided to take the plunge and go the matrimonial route. It feels right, the question has been popped, or you’ve got there by mutual consent. And now it’s time to tell everyone that you’ve done so.

Whilst a stone on your ring finger tends to work on its own, not everyone is going to see your hand, so here are a few ways not only to announce your engagement, but also to celebrate your new status:

Change your FB status

This one’s pretty obvious and will reach most of your friends in moments.

Make a video using your cell phone and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo

And post a copy to your Facebook page, or email it to everyone.

Place an official announcement in the local

For those of your friends you don’t reach with the online announcements, you will reach all those who know you, even remotely, via print.

Plan a romantic weekend away

Even if it’s in a tent at a campsite not far from your home town. Nothing quite as special as marking an occasion with time-out to remember.

Have a special night out

Not to your favourite pub or pizza joint, but somewhere a little trendy, so that you need to dress up for the occasion. If you want to, invite your closest friends along to celebrate.

Take engagement photos

Whether they’re official ones, or unofficial, there is nothing like pics of the engagement. It also gives you a chance to suss out a photographer for your wedding (if you’re that far ahead of the game, and who is?). Otherwise take them yourselves – fun photos you took whilst balancing the camera on a rock can sometimes out-perform the rather staged affairs that engagement shoots can be.

Crack open the champagne

And make sure it’s an expensive bottle. A friend of mine lines her kitchen sill with the stoppers, which her partner converts into the cutest chairs (you adjust the screwpull metal that holds the cork in place).

Plant a tree

To mark the occasion. If you already have your own home, plant it in the garden to mark the years of your togetherness. Otherwise a space with special meaning to both of you.

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