14 Romantic Ideas To Pretty Up Your Wedding

posted on 14 August 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Want to create a really romantic atmosphere for your wedding? It is easy to get lost in the nitty gritty details of the food and décor, but here are a few ideas to keep you trained on the ‘romantic’ appeal:

  • Wear a floaty dress – there is nothing more enchanting than wearing something lightweight made from chiffon or a similar fabric; let it drape onto the floor
  • Walk on petals – this one really depends on the weather (not a Cape summer wedding idea) but scatter the ‘aisle’ thick with the petals of flowers
  • Provide parasols – if it’s a garden party, hand out parasols in delicate pastel shades (some shops stock inexpensive paper parasols)
  • Wear flowers – in your hair in an updo with soft curls
  • Write your partner a love note before the wedding – have it hand-delivered by a page boy or flower girl, wrapped in a ribbon
  • Snatch a moment of ‘alone time’ for the two of you just after you’re officially married; make a space to drink a toast over a glass of champagne in a little room somewhere before you return to the reception
  • Say it with candles – get married by candlelight – is there anything more whimsical?
  • Learn the tango and dance with your partner for the first dance – there is no more passionate dance, so if you’re even remotely inclined…
  • Carry a bouquet of pink hues mixed with green – pretty baby pink blooms mixed with greenery – so feminine
  • Throw petals – rather than rice, confetti or seeds, they’re gentler and far prettier
  • Use patterned mix and match plates – it gives countryside appeal
  • Wrap your chairs in chiffon – so easy to do, simply wrap gauzy fabric a few times around the upper back and tie in a knot behind, allowing the ends to fall below the seat
  • Table d’ote – family style eating at a long table a la French outdoor lunch in Provence works really well for a smallish gathering; just add fairy lights
  • Play with centrepieces – for the reception; combine low set bunches of flowers in mismatched vases with candles and unusual candlesticks

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    Chris says

    Really great idea for your wedding