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25 May 2012

Changing Names Revisited

We've looked at whether or not you can / should change your name on getting married before. But it's a good idea to ask your friends to see how their choices have impacted on them. Sometimes asking frank questions ...

24 May 2012

What’s with getting married by 30?

I recently read an article entitled – 'Women want to be married by 30' and swallowed. Yes I know that I'm way past 30 and thus not technically qualified to comment, but I'm also way past 30, which means that I sooo ...

23 May 2012

Why We LOVE Winter Weddings

Who said that hot, balmy days are vital for weddings? There is so much more to the cooler months than we think, not least because of the special offers you can score both at wedding venues and the places at which you ...

9 Mar 2012

Don’t Forget About Your Hands …

If you, like me, don't pay a lot of attention to your hands, you might want to rethink this before the big day arrives. Remember that your hands will play a big part in your wedding day and your photographer will ...

13 Dec 2011

Wedding Make-Up Tips

How to look your best on the day, and have it stay on, is top of every bride's list when asking for make-up advice. Many brides turn to the professionals and hire make-up artists to help them. Whilst it's lovely to have ...