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Engraved Rings
13 Jun 2013

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from South America

The mainstream wedding industry in our country is pretty unconventional I think. While many couples do conform to certain Western traditions, the weddings here are pretty cosmopolitan and rituals are seldom adhered to. ...

6 Jun 2013

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from the British Isles

You can’t help but think “Fairtytale Wedding” when you think of England and the British Isles. Perhaps it is because so much fairy folklore comes from these beautiful countries. It’s nice to see how many ...

Father and Bride
15 May 2013

From Weird to Wonderful: 3 Wedding Trends with Shady Origins

Ah weddings! A gorgeous bride wearing white is being lead down the aisle by her doting father. In the front of the church stands a nervous groom, flanked by his best men while the bridesmaids stand adorned and beautiful ...

Bride With Fringe
27 Mar 2013

Bangs Are Back

Call it a fringe or bangs, they're back. It took Michelle Obama's new blunt fringe at her birthday appearance to cement the concept all over the world. But she isn't the only celeb to hack a fringe: the Duchess of ...

30 Jan 2013

Latest Fashion Ideas For Weddings

2013 brings with it a set of new, pretty, gentle ideas for brides and wedding looks. Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction: The colour mint They call it the colour mint but actually it's a little ...

17 Oct 2012

New reception trend – the lounge pocket

Coffee shops and book shops made them all the rage. The lounge within a shop. The couch or two in the corner into which you can tumble at the end of a shopping spree, skinny latté in hand, magazine tightly clasped ...

5 Oct 2012

Spring Wedding Trends

It's spring. Oh joy, oh rapture! It is unsurprising that so many poets dedicate countless lines to the coming of summer, the beginning of life, the cycle of nature, for the very appearance of the sun for longer than a ...

4 Sep 2012

Morning After Wedding Photos – Would You Do It?

Yet one more overly obsessive documentation of your wedding, another photographic wedding milestone set to wring every last cent out of you, or a really good idea? There is a new trend on the wedding block. We've ...

13 Aug 2012

New Wedding Trend: Understated (a la Natalie Portman)

Newspapers are full of Natalie Portman's wedding to Benjamin Millepied – ballet dancer / choreographer,  partner of three years and father of their son Aleph. They tied the knot recently in what wedding prophets are ...

23 Jan 2012

If the shoe fits …

Word has it that the single-most awesome shoe you could lay your hands on this year is a (wait for it) single-sole cork pump silhouette (see Manolo Blahnik for inspiration), according to a fashion director from Barneys ...

21 Nov 2011

Wedding ring tattoos – a trend without end

It's seriously breaking with tradition to have a tattoo, instead of a ring. But there are countless people who, though they love the sacred idea of a ring of eternity, hate wearing them, or can't because of the work ...