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Modern Reading
15 Jul 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Modern Literature

If you’re a bookish Bride and you’re looking to add something a little personal to your wedding ceremony you might consider having someone read a romantic passage from one of your favourite books. No, I don’t mean ...

Reading from Classical Literature
11 Jun 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Classic Literature

There is something about a good passage reading at a wedding that kind of just softens everyone. Having one of the bridesmaids or a beloved family member get up and read something lovely during the ceremony can be quite ...

Wedding Readings
17 May 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Children’s Literature

Love is at its core such a childlike quality that it often inspires a visit from our own inner children. Love, like Joy and Excitement, can bring out Playfulness and Wonder in even the most jaded of adults. If you feel ...

21 Jan 2013

Newlywed – what you can expect from the first stage of marriage (and some advice from Doctor Phil)

The first few years of marriage – a list of firsts: your first real fight (the type that gets that 'we've just overstepped the mark' undertone), first Christmas as a married couple, first joint tax return, first party ...

23 Aug 2012

Are You a Bridezilla? – 10 Warning Signs That You’re on the Verge

The urban online dictionary defines bridezilla as: 'one ridiculous spoiled b**** who thinks she is the centre of the universe, just because her 'show' (the wedding) is 18 months from now....' Whilst this definition ...

10 Aug 2012

Watch Your Tongue – Things You Should Never Say To A Bride

The countdown to a wedding is reasonably stressful – weddings fall in the top 5 most stressful life events - and regardless of how laidback the bride is usually, during the wedding planning she is unlikely to be ...

24 Jul 2012

Taking Photos at the Wedding – When You’re The Guest

These days you don't even need to have your camera with you, as the average cell phone takes really good pics. But is it 'gracious' to allow one's creative urge to take over just to get the shot, when there is a ...

14 Jun 2012

The Upcycled Wedding Frock

For those green brides out there concerned with the carbon footprint of the average wedding dress, upcycling - or remaking cast-off items into something different and better - is the height of fashion chic. And with ...

28 May 2012

Has Marriage Become A Luxury?

It was very interesting recently to read a couple of articles that highlight an emerging phenomenon – that marriage is only for those who can afford it. The articles are American, but the same probably holds true ...

Honeymoon Couple
7 May 2012

Your Honeymoon – Serious Down-time or Activity Based Bonding Exercise

Ever thought about what style your honeymoon should be? There is plenty of guidance if you want to buy a honeymoon package, or to find out where the top spots for honeymoons are, but have you thought about how you'd ...

4 May 2012

Top Wedding Mistakes You Might Want To Consider, Before You Make Them …

Since we're here to help you avoid the pitfalls that are most common to weddings, we thought it only fair to prepare you for common mistakes people make with their weddings. The average South African wedding ...

24 Apr 2012

Wedding Gifts – We’ll Take Cash, Thank You Very Much

No matter how easy you think it should be to ask your guests for cash, rather than the time-old list of household items you feel obliged to need in order to set up home, there will always be those horrified by the very ...

23 Apr 2012

Save Money on Your Wedding Tipple Without Looking Cheap

There are a number of ways to slash the alcohol budget at your wedding and still manage not to appear tightfisted when it comes to splashing out: Get in your own booze – find a flexible venue and buy in your own, ...

20 Apr 2012

How To Get Him To Propose To You

If leap-year's significance is irrelevant to you, and having him pop the question is all important, then just how do you get him to propose without making it patently obvious, or leaving copious numbers of Bride ...

18 Apr 2012

10 Great Make-up Tips for Your Wedding

Getting a perfect make-up look for the big day is as important as the dress itself. We've selected the top make-up tips from make-up artists around the globe to help you. Stray as little as possible from your usual ...

30 Mar 2012

How to Bring up the Topic of Babies With Your Partner

Talking babies. Something you may have already broached, but probably not. It doesn't seem that important during the dating, living together, getting married phase of a relationship. But sooner or later it will be. To ...