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Wedding Rings
13 Mar 2013

All About Rings

If I wear a ring on my left hand ring finger, does that automatically mean that I'm married, and why do some people wear their wedding rings on their right hands, and on which finger do you wear a promise ring, if ...

3 Apr 2012

Handmade Wedding Rings, or Rings Off the Shelf?

It's time to choose his and her wedding bands. But should you hit the malls and get one from a jewellery shop, or have them made bespoke? Whilst this debate is not always applicable when selecting engagement rings ...

19 Mar 2012

One For The Guys – Surprising Her With a Ring When You Propose?

And how do you know what size to buy? You're about to pop the question and beginning to play with the idea of buying the ring. But before putting down a serious wad of cash you need to know something about choosing ...

21 Nov 2011

Wedding ring tattoos – a trend without end

It's seriously breaking with tradition to have a tattoo, instead of a ring. But there are countless people who, though they love the sacred idea of a ring of eternity, hate wearing them, or can't because of the work ...

25 Oct 2011

Bling, bling, let’s talk rings …

Wedding bands, engagement rings, his and her designs, she wears one he doesn't, they wear matching designs – there are as many ways of wearing the ring as there are ideas about how it should be done. Let's explore ...