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12 Oct 2011

Over the Top Weddings, 10 Ways NOT to Get on the Bandwagon

This year has been a year of weddings – two major royal affairs saw Will wed Kate, and Zara wed Mike, followed by Kate Moss's affair, and the latest Kardashian / H mphries wedding that had more press appeal than ...

11 Oct 2011

The Alternatives to Sit-Down-Dinner Receptions

Here is where it begins to get a little difficult. Because, whilst you're almost certain what time of day you want your wedding to happen, you're not that sure about the reception. Getting married as the sun sets is a ...

10 Oct 2011

The Low Down on Receptions

Ever wondered why a reception is called a 'reception'? Apart from its being the party for the guests attending your wedding, it is also where the bridal couple 'receive' society for the first time as a married ...