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3 Mar 2014

Black Tie vs White Tie Wedding

While television might like to teach us differently, there are very few occasions in life where we are afforded the opportunity to dress ourselves to the nines. Unless you are a character on Gossip Girl,  or some other ...

17 Apr 2012

Mother of the Bride – What to Wear?

There are a lot of shoulds and shouldn'ts when it comes to mothers' of the bride, and the mother of the groom for that matter. Protocol and etiquette dictate quite a number of guidelines that go something like ...

13 Apr 2012

Thank You Cards for the Guest Who Didn’t Bring a Present

They do exist. Hard to believe, but some guests, for whatever reason, may well attend your wedding both gift and card-less. Best practice, and a good idea all round if you want your nerves to survive the post-wedding ...

Who should walk you down the aisle?
2 Nov 2011

Who should walk you down the aisle?

Many a bride is faced with this dilemma. For some reason or other – your father is dead, you are estranged from your father, or you can't choose between your father or step-father and want to hurt neither, or you have ...