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Save the first dance
18 Mar 2013

Save the First Dance

While some of us may be fortunate enough to know the way around a dance floor, quite a few of us may suffer from chorophobia, or the fear of dancing. If you do suffer from this fear in even the smallest way, it is ...

Learning to Dance
7 Mar 2013

Why You Should Learn to Dance Before Your Wedding

I’d like to start this post by telling you a secret: Boys who can dance are special. Immediately when you hear the words “ballroom dancing” you think “girly”. But the thing is, you need boys for ballroom ...

2 Oct 2012

To Dance At Your Own Wedding

My sister and her husband did a whole ballroom number at their wedding. I remember thinking at the time – you've got to have balls to do this! But in hindsight, it was very sweet (they're both closet performers, so ...