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Cruise Ship Honeymoon
31 Jul 2013

Cruise Ship Honeymoon

A cruise to an exotic destination seems like a perfectly legitimate idea for a honeymoon but as with all things there are pros and cons. On the pros side there are many wonderful things about cruises. When you consider ...

Trash the Dress
29 Jul 2013

Celebrating in Style

I wanted to do a trash-the-dress photo shoot shortly after my husband and I got married last year, but at the time it just seemed like too much trouble to organize it. By the time the wedding was over we were both ...

5 Mar 2012

Let’s Just Live Together – Exploring the Cohabitation Agreement

I am friends with a couple who haven't got married. They have two children and have lived together as life partners for going on eight years now, but they've avoided the marriage thing completely. I'm not sure that it's ...