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Gay Marriage
5 Mar 2013

All In Favour Of Gay Marriage, Say Aye

Not that this is a current debate in South Africa – our very liberal constitution, for which we are lauded around the world, ironically decides this issue for us (even if in certain race groups women are being ...

9 May 2012

We’re Not Doing The Church Wedding, But Is Our Ceremony Legal?

The concept that one is not really married unless one does so in a church whilst commonly held, is hardly the whole picture. Millions of people are married daily, and many of these ceremonies take place in places and ...

Getting Married in South Africa
14 Sep 2011

Getting hitched fast: if one, or both of you, is not South African

First off, get acquainted with the formal South African Marriage Act. It outlines who can get married to whom, where and how a South African wedding should be carried out and by whom. We've already waxed lyrical on ...

Get married in a hurry
13 Sep 2011

Getting hitched fast in sunny South Africa (all about the South African Marriage Act)

You have popped the question, your partner said 'yes', and now you both want to Tie The Knot quickly and quietly – without the fuss and bother of a formal wedding. Getting married fast in South Africa is not quite ...