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Ready to get married? Financial Side?
31 May 2013

How to Know When You and Your Partner Are Ready to Get Married: The Financial Side

As romantic a notion as it might be to completely separate love and finance, one can unfortunately not deny the fact that finances play a big role in all of our lives. Taking a closer look at your financial state can ...

Timbavati Safari Lodge
28 May 2013

Tie The Knot at Timbavati Safari Lodge in Klaserie

Nestled amongst exquisite mature trees forming natural walk ways, birds chirping and antelope roaming freely, creates the perfect setting for the perfect wedding. Whether you are looking for a small intimate ceremony or ...

Lingerie Shopping
24 May 2013

How to Shop for Bridal Lingerie

While no one but your significant other (and possibly your bridal party or whoever helps you get dressed) will see your underwear on your wedding day, your bridal lingerie is still an important part of your wedding ...

Practical Marriage
23 May 2013

Practical Marriage

The subject of marriage is a particularly hot topic at the moment. As South Africans we are lucky enough to live in a country where marriage equality exists, but in the United States thousands of couples still fight ...

Advice from a newly wed
20 May 2013

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Advice from a Newly-Wed

As a very newly-wed, I’m excited to share some of my wedding tips and planning experiences with you.  One of the first “hurdles” I encountered as a very newly engaged person was the devastation at how ...

Wedding Readings
17 May 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Children’s Literature

Love is at its core such a childlike quality that it often inspires a visit from our own inner children. Love, like Joy and Excitement, can bring out Playfulness and Wonder in even the most jaded of adults. If you feel ...

The Marriage Meander
16 May 2013

The Marriage Meander

Nici Bailes, owner of The Marriage Meander Company with fifteen years of experience in the wedding industry, offers wedding planning advice through consultation with the brides, namely Wedding Planning Therapy. These ...

Father and Bride
15 May 2013

From Weird to Wonderful: 3 Wedding Trends with Shady Origins

Ah weddings! A gorgeous bride wearing white is being lead down the aisle by her doting father. In the front of the church stands a nervous groom, flanked by his best men while the bridesmaids stand adorned and beautiful ...

Candice and Luke
14 May 2013

Candice’s Bridal Diary: After All That Planning …

After months of planning, waiting and organizing, I can happily (and finally) greet you as Mrs Bresler! We are back from honeymoon and happily settling into our new reality – and reality is wonderful. After spending ...

What is love
10 May 2013

What is love?

Aside from being the title to songs by various artists, and the reason so many novels are written, love (we all agree) is why we marry. But what is it? It depends on whom you ask. Ask a scientist and they will ...

Bride and Groom under veil
8 May 2013

The Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 6 – Blissfully Romantic

The photographs that are usually taken between the ceremony and the reception are the most fun for the bride and groom and possibly the most fun for the photographer as well. This is where everyone gets to be a little ...

Kolping Guest House
7 May 2013

Tie The Knot at Kolping Guest House in Durbanville

Looking for a wedding venue in Cape Town that has a chapel on site? Well then look no further as the Kolping wedding chapel is located on the guest house premises in Biccard Street, Durbanville. This beautifully ...

Fun Bridesmaid
6 May 2013

How to be a Good Bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is certainly a flattering occurrence, but it entails a little bit more than being seen in a pretty dress as the bride’s “bestie” on the wedding day. Traditionally the list of the ...

Young Couple
2 May 2013

How to Know When You and Your Partner Are Ready to Get Married: The Family Side

Getting married is by nature the act of starting a family. Even if you don’t plan to have children the two of you will be a family. When it comes to deciding that you would like to get married there are a few ...

Alternative to White Dress
1 May 2013

The Alternatives to White

Brides dresses that aren't white are thankfully very much a part of the wedding scene of 2013 – you just have to have noted Jennifer Biel and Anne Hathaway's weddings to realise that pink is a definite alternative. ...

Cute Wedding Shoes
30 Apr 2013

Assembling the Accessories

Even the most perfect bridal gown is not complete without accessories, so once your dress has been decided on there is still a little bit of work left to do before your perfect princess ensemble is complete. Here are ...

Wedding Myth
29 Apr 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 2 – Money and Wearing White

If you are currently planning your second wedding then it is possible that the question “Is it proper?” has reared its ugly head a couple of times already. Whether you heard it from a friend or colleague or even if ...

Married Couple
26 Apr 2013

4 Reasons Why Marriage Makes Life Better

Once you’ve said “yes” and allowed the man of your dreams to place a gorgeous ring on your finger, it’s easy to get caught up in wedding plans and a dizzying sequence of events (engagement parties, bridal ...

Brush your hair!
25 Apr 2013

How To Grow Your Hair Out

You're getting married, the date is set and, if you're lucky, you have just enough time to grow out your hair so that you can bag the style you've always wanted to wear, as you sweep up the aisle. But do you have the ...

Delightful Dress Shopping
24 Apr 2013

Delightful Dress Shopping

One of the most fun and exciting parts of the wedding planning process is choosing your dress. Your dress is without-a-doubt the most important part of your entire day and so special care needs to be taken when making ...