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6 Dec 2011

Wedding favours – do we have to?

When did this love affair with wedding favours begin? And must you have them at your wedding? A wedding favour, in the same vein as a party bag (you know, the little brown paper packages tied up with string filled ...

5 Dec 2011

Adventure ceremonies – weddings that thrill

I'm not an adventure junkie, but I have friends who are, and there is nothing sedate about our list of ways to get married for those seeking more than the conventional when it comes to ways to get hitched. Wedding on ...

1 Dec 2011

What’s an Indie Wedding?

They're the latest buzz, Indie Weddings – Esther and Davey's backyard Indie wedding, Matt and Dana's heartwarming, laidback rooftop wedding, Kara and Jay's Indie Rocker Loft wedding – wedding blogs and mags are full ...

28 Nov 2011

Tie The Knot at De Kloof Luxury Estate in Swellendam

De Kloof Luxury Estate, the hidden jewel of Swellendam, a boutique hotel where history meets trends, is situated in a top location in a secluded, tranquil green valley and is within walking distance from the best and ...

18 Nov 2011

What’s in a name?

Do you want to keep your maiden surname or take on that of your husband? Apparently the vast majority of women marrying today still adopt their husband's last name. But there are a number of women who defy the ...

17 Nov 2011

Is there such a thing as waiting too long?

To get married... You've been together six years and lived together for at least five of these. In that time, you've survived visits with one another's family, done the rounds of moving house, moving continent (and ...

16 Nov 2011

Tips I Wish I’d Had Before My Wedding

Don't you wish that there had been someone to advise you about little (and big) aspects to your wedding? The type of advice that could have saved you hours of frustration, or which, now that you're married, and with the ...

15 Nov 2011

What’s ‘in’ as far as weddings go for 2012

Weddings on the whole are timeless. It is possibly the one event in your life in which you won't have to succumb to fashion or trends in any major sense, as it is really up to you, and we live in the time of 'anything ...

14 Nov 2011

Group Weddings – have you thought to share your special day?

I'm staring at a photograph on the internet of a group of Chinese brides and grooms, all 60 of them, queueing to get married in Jinan, east China's Shandong Province. The government in China encourages group weddings ...

10 Nov 2011

Where is it Legal to Marry if You’re Gay?

South Africa for a start. But there is also legal recognition of same-sex marriage in 9 other countries - Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. New York state ...

9 Nov 2011

Tie The Knot at Izintaba Game Farm in Vaalwater

We cater for small intimate bush weddings for up to 60 guests with a choice of ceremony locations anywhere on our 1200ha reserve, from the magnificent old fig tree on the open plains, to the mountain top with endless ...

9 Nov 2011

Love on the rocks – how not to divorce 10 weeks into your marriage

It's official: Kim Kardashian (she of over-the-top media extravaganza wedding that pulled out all the stops) is not simply filing for divorce, she is cancelling her marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries (can one do ...